ISEB Common Pre-Test Invigilation Centre Admin Portal Account Registration

Please provide all of the required information below to register as a Common Pre-Tests Invigilation Centre. To submit your details, click 'subscribe' at the bottom of the form. ISEB will use the information provided to create your account on the Invigilation Centre Portal.

Please note that the details submitted will be displayed on your Invigilation Centre Portal profile as entered so please be careful to enter your information as you would like to see it displayed.

This registration form is for Invigilation Centres for the ISEB Common Pre-tests. An Invigilation Centre could be:
- Current school (UK prep school, maintained primary or junior school or international prep or junior school)
- Senior School (if the pupil is sitting the test at one of the schools to which they have applied)
- Non-school Venue (if the pupil is sitting the test at an approved venue such as one of the British Council Offices worldwide).
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The full name of your school or test centre.
We will use this email address to set up your user ID. We recommend you use a generic email address such as office@ or admissions@ for the initial account set up. You can add specific user accounts later.

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